SVDL-0035 ‘Maid To Scissor!’ featuring Nikki Fierce

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Sometimes a maid needs to take a break but when he came back to his room…I gave him a BREAK between my thighs!

Video Length : 28 mins. | Video Size : 480×360 | File Size: 159MB

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Nikki Fierce is “Maid to Scissor,” playing a very hot maid in this video who decides to lounge about a room thinking the male occupant is gone for the day.

While the guest’s away, the maid will play, but when the man comes back, the maid will attack – with her powerful, rugged legs!

Nikki rips the man apart, going into savage scissoring mode, tossing him in brutal scissors after scissors and verbally assaulting him with her unparalleled ability to talk the best scissors trash in the business, telling him how strong her thighs are, how she’s hurting him in her scissors!

Nikki is as close to a perfect scissoring machine as there is, and ruins this guy with some of the most punishing legwork we’ve ever captured on tape!

Her bodyscissors bends his ribs, her headscissors threaten to implode his skull, her figure four nearly tears his screaming skull off his shoulders.

Nikki is indeed “Maid to Scissor” and if you come across her in your room, she’ll be maid to scissor YOU!

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