SVDL-0200 ‘Aunt Nancy!’ featuring Nancy Novak

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So happy to see my nephew visit me to cheer me up.  Ever since my husband died…my thighs have been dying to SQUEEEZE someone!

Video Length : 41 mins. | Video Size : 640×480 | File Size: 363MB

Video Description

Poor Aunt Nancy, just lost her husband and is depressed – until her nephew comes by to cheer her up and she gets happy in her own unique way: THROUGH SCISSORING!

When it comes to scissors, there are few with as much experience as the LEG-endary and lethal Nancy Novak, and here she gives him all she and her thighs have, with head-pounding thrusting scissors, occasionally ramming his balls with her locked heels, and butt-shaking reverse headscissors!

Then things go from bad to worse – for him, as she drags him to the bedroom, changes into a thong and continues the scissor onslaught but also adding some of the deepest, sexiest facesitting you will EVER see, absolutely burying his face in her pounding, demanding ass cheeks!!

She commands him to satisfy her, over and over and over, sitting on his face and taking him in the sexiest face scissors – front AND back – that you will EVER see! She’s a non-stop sexual scissoring dynamo!!!

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