SVRC-0060 Halloween CRUSH! featuring Tina


SVRC-0060 Halloween CRUSH! featuring Tina

It’s that time of the year again…when I come knocking men think I’m the candy but soon find out I want way more than that!

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In “Halloween Crush,” Tina comes to the door looking to fill her empty Halloween bag with not candy, but the man’s belongings, working her way in and dropping her coat to reveal her bikini-clad body and unbelievably sexy, powerful legs.

She takes him down, drapes her giant, hard thighs over his shoulders and the scissoring is underway, at first as she wears a mask, then tearing it off to get down to business – the business of destroying him in a head-blasting display of savage scissoring!

She is very fond of pumping her legs up and then banging them down, sending her huge thighs cascading into his skull over and over, and her humungous calves come in handy for some throat-snapping figure four scissors!

In the end, she fills her bag – with his watch, wallet and cell phone, making her “Halloween Crush” night a profitable one!

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