SVDL-0681 ‘Black Tights Assassin!’ featuring Serenity

In High Definition

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Serenity returns playing the role of a lethal-legged secret assassin who is finally given orders to  kill her husband for information he knows too much about!

Video Length : 35 mins. | Video Size : 1280×720 | File Size: 792 MB

Pictures Included In Zip File: 146

Video Description

Serenity returns playing the role of a lethal-legged secret assassin who is finally given orders to  kill her husband for information he knows too much about.

She suggests to him that he can use another glass of wine but little does he realize that she drops something in it to make him go to sleep.

When he awakens he looks up to see the sexy red-head standing over him saying that she wants to have a little fun.

Then she removes her dark pants and shirt and strips down to a sexy black leotard with black nylons underneath and straddles his neck with her thighs before pulling his head into a very tight front head scissors.

She tells him…”We’ve been married now for over 5 years and I’ve been watching you very closely.

I know what you do!”.

Then she tells him…”And today I’m going to kill you…doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun!?”.

And for the next 35 minutes Serenity has plenty of fun as she totally destroys her soon to be deceased husband in one brutal and torturous scissor hold after the other!

Watch as she captures his head high and tight in eye-popping reverse head scissors while pulsating her powerful glutes ‘in and out’ causing him to beg for his life!

But the fun doesn’t stop there as she catches him right across the throat on several occasions nearly decapitating his head from his body and also works his body with rib-crushing body scissors!

And in his final moments she tells him it’s time for him to relax as she has him lay his back on the couch with his head hanging off the edge and before he realizes what’s happing she pulls him into a standing front head scissors telling him…”Now I want to watch you die!”.

Serenity seems to get turned on over the very act of slowly strangling the life out of her husband between her thighs.

Watch as she caresses her body from her thighs to her breasts slowly breathing in and out in a state of arousal as she watches her husband draws his very last breath!

Once again and as always with Serenity…another brutal scissor beating in ‘Black Tights Assassin’!

Note: This video contains a vicious REAL scissor knockout at the 35:05 mark in which we had to take a brief scissor knockout intermission after noticing his arms flailing uncontrollably!

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