SVDL-0292 ‘Valentine’s Day Mashing!’ featuring Ivy

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Can you believe my loser boyfriend forgot Valentine’s Day!?  After I’m done with him…he won’t ever forget it again!

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Ahhhh….Valentine’s Day.  Time to show your sweetie how much you care or in the case of Ivy…time to show your sweetie how much agonizing punishment you can dish out when he forgets this special day!  Ivy slips into a sexy, pink nighty hoping to surprise her man and is expecting something special in return but gets nothing.

So…she decides to make sure this is the last Valentine’s Day her man forgets and perhaps the last one he lives through!  The outrageously gorgeous blonde embraces him with her athletic, hard-as-rock thighs in one punishing scissor hold after the other and at one point asks him if he can tell how strong her legs have gotten from working out so much…commenting how good it makes her feel to punish him for his absent-minded ways!  Something tells me that this buffoon won’t need a calendar to remember what day February 14th is next year…he’ll always have Ivy’s sexy thighs to remind him!

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