SVRC-0142 ‘Giving Him the Dog Treatment!’ featuring Nikki Delano

In Full High Definition

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Video Preview


So you don’t want the dog sleeping on bed huh?  After I knock your ass out between my thighs, you’ll be the one sleeping on the floor instead!

Video Length : 31 mins. | Video Size : 1920×1080 | File Size: 2.4 GB

Screen Captures From Actual Video Included In Zip File: 135

Video Description

Nikki Delano and her WORLD CLASS ASS and LEGS return to!

Man…just one look at the members area video clip thumbnail pictures or preview animation and it’s obvious why Nikki Delano has literally won awards for her perfectly shaped and muscular ass!

But trust us folks…it’s not all show…there is some SERIOUS POWER behind that bodacious butt of hers as that is what gives her one of the most powerful squeeeeezes we’ve ever felt from a ScissorVixen her size!

Oh…and her legs are pretty damn impressive as well!

In this video Nikki isn’t too happy when her boyfriend kicks her little dog out of the bed.  He tells her dogs don’t belong on the bed…they belong on the floor instead!

So Nikki decides to treat him like the DOG he is by CRUSHING the living daylights out of him between her gorgeously muscular thighs and ass!

The victim in this video does not like getting scissored (for real) and it’s obvious that it’s nothing but pure torture for him as Nikki really cranks on the skull-crushing pressure one scissor hold after the other!

In the end Nikki grabs her little dog and cuddles next to him on the bed while her boyfriend is laying on the floor semi-conscious after spending 30 agonizing minutes between Nikki’s powerful thighs!

So check out Nikki Delano in ‘Giving Him the Dog Treatment!’.

Full Description

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