SVDL-0117 ‘Alimony Squeeze!’ featuring Nancy Novak

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When deadbeat dads don’t want to pay up, they send me to collect!

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Nancy Novak, venerable ScissorVixen and legendary leggy dominatrix, stars in “Alimony Squeeze,” as a woman sent to round up a deadbeat dad accused of shirking his alimony responsibilities as well.

She leads him into the room in cuffs and proceeds to put the legs to him as ONLY Nancy Novak can, utilizing crushing headscissors that devour his entire skull in her meaty, muscular thighs, and pulling back on figure fours that threaten to snap his head off his shoulders!

Nancy’s reverse facescissors are sexy and scary, engulfing her victim’s face in her bodacious booty as her thighs cinch down on his neck.

And Nancy is the queen of trash talking, too, telling her victim in no uncertain words how her muscular legs will crush the life out of him! Once again, Nancy Novak puts the LEG in LEGendary!

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