SVDL-0048 ‘Sexy Savage Scissors!’ featuring Christine

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When you fuck with my friends, you get FUCKED UP by my savage scissors!

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Few women exude true seething scissoring sensuality the way Christine Marshall does, and especially in “Sexy Savage Scissors!”

Christine, a veteran ScissorVixen and one of the best there is at the scissoring game, portrays a friend of a girl roughed up by her man, so Christine shows up at his door to set his ass straight – and squeeze his head, neck and body brutally hard in her rock-hard legs!

From start to finish, Christine is a sensual scissoring machine of extreme dominance, tearing him apart in a variety of bone-crushing leglocks including her patented shaking headscissors, locking his skull in place in her lethal thighs and laying down burst after burst of quivering scissor power!

Not only does she totally kick his ass and dominate him with her deliciously muscular legs, she pumps and grinds him in sexy scissors, practically using his face and head for her own devious pleasure! Scissors can be sexy and scissors can be savage, but with Christine Marshall in control, those scissors are both sexy AND savage!

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