SVDL-0047 ‘Scissor Swap!’ featuring Lia Labowe vs. Sybil Starr

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It’s time to see who has the stronger scissor hold.  Our first ‘girl on girl’ video with leggy Lia Labowe and fiery redhead, Sybil Starr!

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What would happen when two of the best ScissorVixens ever got together to trade scissor stories – and scissors? Find out in “Scissor Swap,” our very first female-female scissor video starring two of THE best squeezers there are: Lia LaBowe and Sybil Starr!

Our inaugural girl-girl squeeze fest is a beauty, as the two girls wonder who has the strongest scissors and take turns finding out!

It’s one blinding scissors after another as Lia and Sybil rack up submission after submission, using headscissors, figure fours, bodyscissors, unbelievable reverse facescissors, you name it!

They start out nice and get mean as the pain mounts and the challenge to find a supreme scissorer more intense.

No girl wants to back down and the fur flies as one girl releases a scissor hold only to be brutally caught in one herself!

By the end, it’s pretty much a draw and then Drew comes in to bitch at them for not saving their scissors for the male-female action!

That draws Drew into the fray and for a few tortured moment, they show him who has the best scissors – both of them – by tearing him apart with grueling two-on-one scissors action!

Lia and Sybil never looked better or more leggy than in this scissorific video!

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