SVDL-0492 ‘Scissor Lag!’ featuring Vega Valentine

In High Definition

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He decided to take a nap as soon as we got to our hotel after a long 6 hr. flight claiming he’s suffering from jet-lag.  Ok, let me show him what ‘scissor-lag’ is between my MUSCULAR THIGHS!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 340 MB

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Video Description

Drew and his wife decide to take a vacation but the 6 hr. flight has taken it’s toll on him and he decides to take a little nap the moment they arrive in their hotel room.

But his muscular wife, Vega Valentine, isn’t having any of it and tells him to get his lazy ass up.

Drew replies…”Oh come on sweetie…I’m suffering form a little jet lag and need to get some rest before we go out and play”.

Vega replies…”Oh really…how about some ‘Scissor Lag’ to wake you up instead!?”.

And that’s exactly what she gives him wrapping her short, but insanely muscular, skull-crushing thighs around his neck nearly severing it from his shoulders.

She isn’t about to spend all evening watching him sleep and continues to work him over in one scissor hold after the other.

In the end, after being nearly scissored to death, he finally surrenders and agrees to take her out.

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