SVDL-1309 Parking My THIGHS Around Your Neck! featuring Angellee


SVDL-1309 Parking My THIGHS Around Your Neck! featuring Angellee

My neighbor keeps bitching about me taking his parking spot so it’s time to park my strong dancer THIGHS around his neck!

Video Length : 19 mins. | Video Size : HD (1920×1080) | File Size: 1.4 GB


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GORGEOUS ScissorVixen, Angellee, returns looking as sexy as ever wearing a tiny thong and sports top.

I was told by her last victim (who she scissored to TEARS…literally!) that he wasn’t expecting her to be as strong as she was but as we know all too well…exotic dancers have the legs to really fuck you up and that’s exactly Angellee does to Drew in this video!

She had me on the scissor ropes many times and a few times on the brink of taking a nap…for real!

And talk about aggressive!

Angellee doesn’t mess around when she switches from on BRUTAL scissor hold to the next with cat-like reflexes and speed leaving Drew no chance to escape her leggy prison!

In this video, Drew is Angellee’s annoying neighbor stopping by once again to complain about Angellee taking his parking spot just as she’s trying to chill-out and take a nap.

But this time…Angellee has heard enough of his bitching about the parking spot and decides it’s time to park her gorgeous but POWERFUL thighs around his neck!

She starts out by pulling him into a rib-crushing bodyscissors really cranking on the pressure and pulling him back down at one point as he tries to sit up to get some air!

Then, after softening him up around the waist, Angellee moves to his neck where her thighs really do some serious DAMAGE!

Watch as Drew’s eyes bulge out of their sockets in some of the tightest scissors he’s ever felt by such young thighs because when it comes to scissoring…Angellee goes 100%, 100% of the time and then some!

After working him over in one torturous scissor hold after the other, Angellee makes him agree that she not only gets his parking spot, but all three!

Of course what choice does he have after enduring the beating her thighs dish out and threatening him with more if he doesn’t comply!

So check out BEAUTIFUL blonde Angellee showing Drew what her lethal legs can do in ‘Parking My THIGHS Around Your Neck!’

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