SVDL-0365 ‘The Boston Scissor Party!’ featuring Samantha

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I wanted a hot cup of tea while staying in this Boston hotel but Mr. Room Service said we don’t offer tea…just coffee.  I wonder if he’s ever heard of the Boston Scissor Party!?

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 385 MB

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Video Description

Samantha is munching a muffin and calls room service for tea. The man comes and tells her, “We don’t have tea, just coffee. Haven’t you heard about the Boston Tea Party?” he asks derisively, in response to her Brit accent and the Brit love for tea. So she says, “Have you heard of my Boston SCISSOR PARTY?” and pulls him into a brutal front facescissors, her long, lean thighs rippling with sexy sinew and steel!

Samantha is a scissor machine, wrenching his neck in her strangling thighs, cutting him in half in rib-bending bodyscissors and just about popping his head off in eye-bulging reverse facescissors! She uses the bed to trash him, then drags him the floor, the couch, the chair, all used in her never-ending quest for a cup of tea! And she gets it, finally, sipping away while scissoring the man who got it for her!

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