SVDL-0364 ‘The Scissor Look’ featuring Kira

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He knows when I give him that look…it’s time for me to SQUEEEEEZE and time for him to SUFFER!

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You know that look you get from your significant other that tells you you’re in trouble? Well…in the case of this poor fella…he knows the world of pain he’s in for whenever his sweetie, Kira, gives him ‘The Scissor Look’! He pleads with her not to do it but it’s all too easy for her since his head is resting on her lap, while watching TV, inches from her scissor crush zone.

Before he has any chance of escaping she opens her thighs wide and quickly engulfs his head in a killer head scissors. She administers some of the tightest, most agonizing scissors you’ll ever see as her quad muscles ripple with each squeeze! As he continues to beg for mercy she continues to go about her business of satisfying her urge to squeeze and in the end…it’s lights out for her man!

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