SVDL-1102 ‘This Is How I Got My Legs!’ featuring Skylur Slay

In High Definition

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I’ve got KILLER LEGS, I like to show them off and for guys like this I like to show him how I got them…SCISSORS BABY!

Video Length : 22 mins. | Video Size : 1280×720 | File Size: 488 MB

Pictures Included In Zip File: 50

Video Description

SEXY Skylur Slay returns dressed in a sinfully short dress and high heels designed for one purpose…to show off her INCREDIBLE LEGS!

She loves putting them on display and loves making men wish they could get a closer look and in the case of this guy…he gets exactly that!

He can’t help but stare at her legs from across the room despite knowing she’s watching him, so she invites him over to get a feel.

“Wow…how did you get such incredible legs!?”, he asks.

Of course that’s exactly the question she wants to hear and the question she’s more than happy to answer by showing him!

“Well…you wanna know how I got these legs…?  Have a seat in front and I’ll show you.”.

Watch as the dark-haired beauty wraps her tanned, muscular thighs around his neck, locks up her ankles and says…”This is how I got my legs!”.

Not exactly the answer he was expecting but now it’s too late…he’s trapped in Skylur Slay’s SCISSORS and its time for her to get her leg workout in!

Skylur loves taunting the helpless man telling him…”There’s no escape!” while nearly popping his head off in a tight reverse figure-4.

She also tells him it’s not only her legs that gets her compliments but also her ass and then shows him in a CRUSHING reverse head scissors.

After plenty of up-close-and-scissoring views of Skylur’s gams she finishes him off by finally showing him why so many call her legs KNOCKOUT LEGS…literally!

Skylur has come a long way since her first video and LOVES scissoring the daylights out of men more than ever and it shows in her ScissorVixen video titled ‘This Is How I Got My LEGS!”.

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