SVDL-1297 Steal My Money, I BREAK YOUR NECK! featuring Megan Maiden


SVDL-1297 Steal My Money, I BREAK YOUR NECK! featuring Megan Maiden

I work hard for my money and when someone tries to steal it…I make them pay between my POWERFUL DANCER THIGHS!

Video Length : 19 mins. | Video Size : HD (1920×1080) | File Size: 1.4 GB


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We were first introduced to dark-haired BEAUTY, Megan Maiden, during the AVN Clips4Sale party last January and immediately knew she had the right DOMINANT attitude to go along with her DOMINATING THIGHS to be our next SKULL CRUSHING ScissorVixen!

We also learned that she lived in the city where it all began for us, Boston, Ma., strutting her stuff on stage as an exotic dancer.

She told us her customers often compliment her on her BIG THIGHS which certainly earns her a nice pile of dollar bills every time she shows them off!

And now she’s here to show them off for ScissorVixens fans in DOMINANT fashion!

Wanna really piss a hard-working dancer off?

Easy…steal her money when you think she’s not looking but remember…gentlemen’s clubs are usually full of mirrors in all directions!

And sure enough…this fool is counting the money and bragging to a friend on the phone about ripping some stripper off and referring to all strippers as stupid.

But he’s about to find out who the stupid one is as Megan Maiden comes banging on his door to get her money back but not before nearly BREAKING HIS NECK between her very powerful dancer thighs!

Our victim in this video texted us the next day saying…”Dude, my neck is pretty fucked up right now!” and wasn’t sure if he could make the next shoot!

I guess we should point out that he’s Megan Maiden’s real boyfriend and he was annoying the shit out of her the entire day right up until the shoot!

Not a smart move when your girlfriend is about to wrap her BIG THIGHS around your neck for a ScissorVixens video shoot!

So check out Megan Maiden in her CRUSHING ScissorVixen debut video titled ‘Steal My Money, I’LL BREAK YOUR NECK!’.

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