SVDL-1298 StrongGoddess Annazon's SAVAGE SCISSORS! featuring StrongGoddess Annazon


SVDL-1298 StrongGoddess Annazon’s SAVAGE SCISSORS! featuring StrongGoddess Annazon

At 6 foot tall and 200 pounds…poor little Drew didn’t stand a chance against StrongGoddess Annazon’s SAVAGE SCISSORS!

Video Length : 18 mins. | Video Size : HD (1920×1080) | File Size: 1.3 GB


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6 foot tall AMAZON, StrongGoddess Annazon, returns wearing SEXY black lingerie while showing off her HUGE MUSCULAR THIGHS that absolutely dwarfs and devours Drew’s little head and body in some of the  most SAVAGE SCISSORS you’ll ever see!

We’re talking about THIGHS that can literally KILL if that is what StrongGoddess Annazon decides she wants to do!

Thankfully for Drew…she decides to let him live, barely, but makes him SUFFER, PANIC, and TAPOUT in one frightening scissor hold after the other!

When we asked StrongGoddess Annazon about her sessions she said what she loves most is how some guys foolishly underestimate her because she’s not a ‘muscle girl’.  But this former Division 1 volleyball player has plenty of leg-leverage and of course athletic muscle to quickly change their tune!

In fact…she said it only takes about 3-4 seconds from the time she decides to stop toying with them with gentle pulsating squeezes and then puts the pedal to the scissor metal going full blast nearly breaking a few ribs or cracking a few skulls!

There is one particular moment in this video I thought I would be lucky to walk out alive when StrongGoddess Annazon has me in a sideways neck scissor (never a good position to be in, especially with THIGHS like these around your neck!) and goes from pulsating to FULL BLAST prompting an instantaneous and frantic tapout!

And her bodyscissors are nothing short of BREATHTAKING, literally, as they wrap around your midsection and begin to constrict like a python slowly SQUEEEEZING every ounce of oxygen from your body until you start to see stars and are forced to tap our nap!

If you like our SAVAGE SCISSORS series videos, then you’ll no doubt absolutely LOVE this one as well!

StrongGoddess Annazon is available for sessions (contact at: for those who want the SQUEEEEZE of a lifetime but don’t worry…as BRUTAL is they are in this video…she will let you live!

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