SVDL-0366 ‘Time To Feed My Hungry Thighs!’ featuring Miko Starr

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I’ve been away for two weeks and my THIGHS are hungry!  Unfortunately for him…it’s ‘Time To Feed My Hungry Thighs!’.

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 359 MB

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Miko’s home from a two-week business trip looking soooooooooo fine, which her boyfriend takes as a sign of sexy things to come. He’s right, but HER way, as she announces, “It’s time to feed my hungry thighs!” and orders him to his knees before her so her thighs can eat – him! She goes nuts on him, grinding, humping and pumping him to her heart’s, and thighs content!

She just destroys the guy in a non-stop display of some of the sexiest scissors you will EVER see, swiveling her sexy hips, her muscular thighs and ass flexing and flowing as she coos, “I gotta feed my hungry thighs!” She nearly kills the guy and in the end, when she says her thighs are fed, she says, “Now I gotta have DESSERT!” and lays down a final, blistering blast of all-out thigh-feeding power!!!

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