SVDL-1310 ‘LEGS-1’ featuring Megan Maiden

In Full High Definition

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Video Preview


This clown threatened to have my car towed so now he’s finding out why I have LEGS-1 on my license plate!

Video Length : 20 mins. | Video Size : 1920×1080 | File Size: 1.5 GB

Screen Captures Included In Zip File: 77

Video Description

Dark haired and BIG THIGHED Megan Maiden returns to ScissorVixens to teach an overzealous parking lot attendant why her license plate reads LEGS-1!

He tells her she’s gotta move it or he’s going to have it towed.

That’s when Megan Maiden decides it’s time to introduce him to her SKULL CRUSHING THIGHS wrapping them around his neck and squeeeezing it with eye-bulging power!

And her figure-4’s nearly tear his head off of his shoulders as she wedges one of her huge calves into his neck while arching into it for added torture!

Then she works over his body in some rib-busting body scissor action!

Of course a good scissor beating wouldn’t be complete if she forgot to toss in a few murderous reverse head scissors that totally swallow his head and nearly flatten it!

In the end Megan gives him one last eye-popping SQUEEEZE before letting him go and warning him not to bother her again!

It’s never wise to mess with a girl who’s license plate reads LEGS-1!

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