SVDL-0076 ‘Legged Robbery!’ featuring Xeena

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He opened the door and she walked in.  Then she proceeded to CRUSH him unconscious before robbing him blind!

Video Length : 29 mins. | Video Size : 480×360 | File Size: 162MB

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Jake answers the door to find one of the most beautiful and muscular women he’s ever seen!

Xeena comes in and when he asks what she wants, she checks out his laptop, cameras and TV and says in her insanely sexy Brazilian accent, “I’m here to rob you.”

Jake is incredulous and says, “Is this an armed robber?” to which she smiles and says, “No, a LEGGED robbery!”

Proceeding to show him why, she tosses him to the bed and devastates him with genuinely frightening scissor action, absolutely engulfing his screaming head in her titanic and rock-hard 26-inch thighs!

Xeena loves the reverse facescissors, totally destroying him in the lingering, crushing hold, her massive hamstrings pinching is face into a comical mask of agony!

Muscle girls don’t come any prettier than Xeena and thighs don’t come any bigger, stronger or sexier than hers!

She destroys him in mind-boggling scissors and knocks him out to stride away – after stealing his laptop and camera!

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