SVDL-0009 ‘Three Scissors and You’re Out!’ featuring Sharon

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I hate nothing more than loud mouth Redsox fans and so it’s time to end the inning with 3 SCISSORS and You’re OUT!

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Sharon Engert, a New York model, comes to us in this video, “Three Scissors and You’re OUT!” as a rabid New York Yankee fan, defending her beloved home team to Kandor, Red Sox fan, following the Sox’ humiliating defeat of the Yanks in the 2004 playoffs!

Sharon is in no mood for his gloating bullshit, changes into NY Yankee attire and turns her thick, meaty legs loose on Kandor in all manner of crushing and devastating scissors. Sharon’s nearly 24-inch thighs and powerful 14-plus-inch calves wreak havoc on her victim as she punishes him in scissor after scissor, eventually turning him into a scissored Yankee fan!

This girl is a domme by nature and scissor vixen extraordinaire as she nearly busts his ribs and fractures his skull in her throbbing legs!

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