SVDL-0180 ‘Out Of Commissions!’ featuring Lethelle

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He stole my client and was paid a commission for it.  Time to pay him a PAINFUL SCISSOR commission between my thighs!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 640×480 | File Size: 263MB

Video Description

In “Out of Commissions,” Moe has stolen a client from a business associate and then brazenly rubs her face in it at a company holiday party.

Big mistake, because the associate is the ultra-muscular, tree-trunk thighed German bodybuilder Lethelle who shows him the error of his ways courtesy of her rock-hard, man-crushing thighs.

Her gorgeous gams make him her struggling captive, grinding him into writhing submission over and over.

Shedding her boots and skirt, the Teutonic titan towers over the man in her steel-muscled glory, which her bikini does little to conceal.

She submits him to hold after rib-grinding hold, including shocking ?flextensions’ – savage thigh snaps – and smothering figure-fours.

When the steel-cable limbs of this merciless fraulein get you, you stay got!

She ruins the dorky bastard and finishes with a foot plant on his crushed body and a “Merry Freaking Christmas!” In business the moral is watch your back.

In business with Lethelle, it’s watch her LEGS!

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