SVDL-1403 ‘Tink The Terror!’ featuring Tink

In Full High Definition or 3D UHD

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Video Preview


I may be a newbie but don’t let that fool you…I’m ready to TERRORIZE any man who gets between these CRUSHERS!

Full HD Video Length : 20 mins. | Video Size : 1920×1080 | File Size: 1.5 GB

3D UHD Video Length : 20 mins. | Video Size : 5760×2880 | File Size: 3.1 GB

Screen Captures Included In Zip File: 91

Video Description

We first featured Tink a few weeks ago in what was the second video we shot with her but this is actually the first video shot that same day.

She arrived full of enthusiasm after hearing what a great time her friend had shooting for us while CRUSHING heads!

Tink has a gorgeous physique built by years of bodybuilding, fitness competitions and now as a yoga instructor.

And she had no problem sinking her powerful THIGHS into our necks forcing many tap-outs and causing us to see stars before surrendering to her CRUSHERS!

She spent most of the time smiling and laughing while putting the squeeze on us as we spent most of the time grimacing in immense pain!

At one point she couldn’t contain her enthusiasm saying… “I’m really enjoying this!”, while clamping down on her victim’s neck!

She even threatened to crack a few of my ribs right before applying her anaconda-like body scissors and it felt like she could have if I didn’t tap-out!

Tink ends the video by straightening out her powerful thighs across my neck and squeezes with everything she’s got, forcing me to surrender a few seconds later!

So check out tattooed fitness babe, Tink, in ‘Tink The Terror!’.

Full Description

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