SVDL-0046 ‘INS Squeeze!’ featuring Honey

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This INS agent showed up to deport me.  Well, time to deport his head between my thighs!

Video Length : 29 mins. | Video Size : 480×360 | File Size: 162MB

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What happens when you put the squeeze on a foreigner without her green card?

Well if she’s Honey from the UK, she squeezes you blue!

This delightful little gal comes to us from Britain and brings with her long, smooth legs that crush when you cross her and in this video, the big bad immigration agent has come calling with a threat to deport her.

She lays him to waste, at first wearing tight jeans and then stripping down to a naughty little bikini to completely overpower him in eye-popping headscissors and windpipe-bending figure fours.

In addition to bodyscissors and other leggy treats, she improvises a particularly nasty full nelson – with her legs – and a reverse figure four leglock combined with a chin lock that has him bellowing in pain!

In the end, she gets her way by staying in the United States and he gets a lesson in scissors diplomacy!

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