SVDL-0333 ‘Legs for the Litterer!’ featuring Carly

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As an militant environmentalist…I’ve been told to go hug a tree more than once!  Well, this is once too many as I decide to hug this litterer between my thighs!

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Long, lean and lethally legged Carly tracks down a slob who’d tossed a coffee cup on a sidewalk, giving him a ton of shit to which he blithely responds, “Hey, earth lover, go hug a fucking tree if you don’t like it!”. Instead, she hugs him with her LEGS! She leaps up on him for a full-on, full-pressure bodyscissors, and at six-feet-tall in heels, she has the legs that can cut a man in half!

From there on it’s all legs all the time as she uses ’em to hug the belligerent litterer to submission over and over! She delights in crushing his skull in her long, powerful thighs and smothering his face in calf in a dizzying display of agonizing figure-four scissors! In the end, she puts him in a front facescissor and makes him eat the dirty cup as she gives him more ‘Legs for the Litterer!’.

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