SVDL-0038 ‘Cowgirl Crush!’ featuring Sybil Starr

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I’m a cowgirl and like most cowgirls…I love to wrap my thighs around things and squeeeeze as he’s finding our right now!

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Ride ’em cowgirl, and does Sybil ever in “Cowgirl Crush.”

Looking nuclear hot in a black cowboy hat, oh-so-sexy little black boots and frilly lace top and panty, she complains that this poor little country girl needs to go riding even in the big city, to keep her legs toned and hard.

She needs to SQUEEZE, she says, and shows her lazy boyfriend who won’t take her riding just what she means!

Never has anyone put on a display of pounding scissors of this proportion as the little but exceptionally powerful vixen goes wild with headscissors, bodyscissors, and joint-numbing holds, including a figure four on his legs that nearly rips his knee open!

She ignores his most genuine screams for mercy as she turns up the pressure to squeeze with all her might and distort his face into a road map of veins, his eyes nearly exploding from his scissored skull!

And there is yet ANOTHER for real scissors knock out!

She has him in a reverse facescissors as he lays on the bed, head off the edge, bangs the scissors on full and he is out COLD!

She lets up only to spin around, sit on his chest and as he awakens, pull him to her in a rib-bending bodyscissors!

This girl loves and lives to scissor, and never will you see such brutal scissors than in “Cowgirl Crush!”

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