SVDL-0375 ‘Scary Squeeze! featuring Nessie

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He didn’t like my ‘teddy scares’ stuffed bears and threatened to throw them in the trash.  Well, time to give him something to be really scared of…my Scary Squeeze!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 341 MB

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Nessie’s boyfriend is fed up with her strange obsession with her little stuffed bears she calls ‘teddy scares’ she has lying all over their apartment. He starts telling her that they are “kinda’ freaky and scary looking” and he’s going to toss them out when Nessie decides to show him something really scary. Nessie’s thighs are big, solid, powerful and pack one hell of a squeeze and now she’s gonna’ put the ‘SCARY SQUEEZE’ on her boyfriend by applying truly paralyzing scissors that leave him speechless and dismiss any thought of escape from his scissored head.

Nessie’s got one of the best rear-ends in the scissor game and she knows how to use those magnificent glutes to apply maximum pressure! Watch as her boyfriend grits his teeth in pure agony while trying to escape her power-packed thighs to no avail. In the end while scissoring her boyfriend between her thighs, Nessie paints his face with black lipstick matching the same look of her ‘teddy scares’. There are many things in this world that you may consider scary but not too many are as scary as Nessie’s ‘SQUEEEEZE’!

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