SVDL-0037 ‘Lottery Legs!’ featuring Kyla

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He hid the winning lottery ticket from me so now it’s time for him to hit another jackpot…my THIGHS!

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, if that woman has not been told about a winning lottery ticket.

Kyla is super pissed off at Kan after she discovers he’d hit it big on a scratch ticket and never told him of his good fortune!

She jumps him and destroys him bit by bit as only Kyla can, with the most agonizing and REAL scissor holds you’ll ever see!

Kyla doesn’t do anything half-assed, especially scissor, and she nearly rips the guy’s head off or makes it explode from the sheer pressure of her small but insanely powerful thighs!

Not only does she kick his ass for not being honest with him, she makes him go out and buy more tickets so she can headscissor him brutally hard as he scratches them off, to reinforce the pain of losing!

But when he scratches off a $5,000 winner, she knocks him out cold, steals the ticket and goes off on a shopping spree, leaving him out cold on the floor, courtesy of her “Lottery Legs!”

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