SVDL-0385 ‘Bedtime Beating!’ featuring Tribecca

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He thought he was going to get my bed but what he got was a Bedtime Beating instead!

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When your wife towers over you at 5’11” sometimes it’s best not to pick a fight with her but that is exactly what this gluten for punishment does when he refuses to give up the hotel bed his wife, Tribecca, has already claimed!  She catches him tossing her suitcase over to the other bed so she decides to toss his sorry ass all over the room starting with some extremely painful scissor punishment on the bed!

Watch as Tribecca applies throat crushing figure-4’s, arching head scissors that force his eyes to pop out of his head and some of the most brutal, rib bending body scissors you’ll ever see!  Then it’s off to the floor and couch where the gorgeous, leggy blonde Amazon continues the torture only ending after her hubby agrees to let her have not just one…but both beds! After squeezing the living daylights out of him she wishes her hubby a good night and the shattered and beaten man wishes her a good night as well…from the bathtub…where he’ll be spending the night after receiving his ‘Bedtime Beating’!

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