SVDL-0022 ‘Trick Or Squeeze!’ featuring Sharon

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This piece of shit stole my little boy’s candy.  I’m here to get it back and give him a TREAT he’ll never forget!

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Sharon Engert and her fabulously sexy legs star in “Trick or Squeeze,” the tale of a pathetic slug of a man who dared steal Halloween candy from some neighborhood kids. Well, one of the little tyke’s mom comes a-callin’ in short skirt and bad attitude, and demands the candy back.

The man denies stealing the goods and then suffers the leggy wrath of one pissed-off young mom!

Sharon is spectacular in this scissoring frenzy, taking him from one grinding leg lock to the next, in particular punishing him with some vicious reverse scissors as his head hangs over the arm of the living room couch, his face inches from her most shapely ass as her thighs pump and squeeze the life from his head!

Then she drags him to the bedroom for further punishment, her long, strong legs engulfing his skull in a sensational series of savage scissors!

Do NOT steal candy from this mom’s kid and don’t miss Sharon in “Trick or Squeeze!”

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