SVDL-0021 ‘Give Me An ‘S’!’ featuring Sophia

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He told me I missed the cutoff for cheerleading auditions so now it’s time to give him an ‘S’ for SCISSORS!

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Sophia puts the “S” in SCISSORS, in “Gimme an S,” playing a very sexy, very muscular cheerleader who has shown up for auditions for a pro team only to find out she’s too late.

Well guess again. With legs like Sophia’s, you set your own schedule and she powers her way into not only getting the audition but winning a spot on the cheerleading squad to boot.


Looking oh so fine in a little skirt and tiny top, Sophia’s legs are thick, muscular and demanding as she crushes her whining male victim in all manner of spectacular scissors, head, neck and body, and pounding him in violent facesits!

She finally wins him over and gets him to spell out “Scissors” slowly while she tortures him in hers! Give Sophia an S for scissors…or pay the leggy price!

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