SVDL-0020 ‘Bell Boy Beating!’ featuring Kyla

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Nothing pisses me off more than the airline mixing up my bags!  Too bad for this bell boy…he’s gotta take the BEATING for it!

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Ever have an airline lose your luggage?

Doesn’t it get you so pissed you could hurt someone?

Well welcome to “Bell Boy Beating,” where leggy Kyla Luciano does just that!

She is brought a bag that she was told was hers, but when it is not, she takes out her aggression on the poor bastard who brought it to her.

Kyla never looked finer, nor more savage, in a slinky black top, black thong, sexy little socks as she unleashes her full arsenal of head-cracking, rib-bending scissors!

She finally gets the guy to call his boss and get the airline to agree to free tickets to anywhere she – and her lethal legs – wanna go!

Chalk one up for frustrated airline passengers everywhere….

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