SVDL-0028 ‘Happy Scissors Ending!’ featuring Vivian

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He thought his massage would end in an happy ending but it’s going to end in a much more PAINFUL way!

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He THOUGHT he was in for a ‘happy ending’ when he called the massage service to send over a leggy lass to rub him the right way, but when he rubbed her the wrong way, intimating there would be more than a massage going on at the end of their session, Vivian scissors him six ways to Sunday in delivering her “Happy Scissors Ending!”

 The little dark-haired beauty’s thighs and calves look particularly delicious in her short denim skirt as she pulls him into face scissors, figure fours, body scissors and any other way she can punish him in her powerful, sexy and VERY shapely legs!

At one point, she includes a little bondage as well, cuffing him to the futon and turning the scissors loose on him with no way of him to fight back or lessen the pressure with his hands, leaving his head and neck TOTALLY at the mercy of her smooth, strong legs!

Vivian’s a gorgeous piece of eye candy and her thigh candy leaves this guy wishing the end of her scissors would come sooner than later!

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