SVDL-1194 ‘Welcome To MY Neighborhood!’ featuring Abby

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I love when new neighbors move in…it gives MY THIGHS the opportunity to show them who owns this neighborhood!

Video Length : 21 mins. | Video Size : 1920×1080 | File Size: 935 MB

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Video Description

New ScissorVixen Abby is as cute as they come! When we first met her at our studios in Vegas and asked how tall she was…she said 5’7″. But the way she towered over Drew (who must be shrinking)…she seemed much taller than that! But Abby is ALL LEGS and that deceptively makes her appear taller than she is.

Abby told us she’s been in the domme and mixed wrestling scene for 5 years while living in the Tampa, Fl. area. How we were not aware of her (while we were also located in the Tampa area) until now is a mystery but now that we are in Vegas…we are more than happy to have finally met her here for her first ScissorVixen shoot!

Abby couldn’t wait to go out and explore Vegas when she first arrived and was dressed to impress while wearing a very short skirt, showing off her long legs, and high heels. I warned her not to stand around on any corners too long wearing that eye-catching outfit and with that she just smiled and replied…”I know how to wrestle…I think I can probably take care of myself!”.

Well…ok then! I think we have a very confident young lady who isn’t afraid kick some ass if required!

And in her debut ScissorVixen video…that would be her new neighbor!

When it comes to welcoming new neighbors, Abby likes to greet them with open legs right before closing them around their skulls!

She doesn’t like the idea of having neighbors and the sooner she can ‘encourage’ them to leave…the better.

See what happens when her newest neighbor decides to knock on Abby’s door hoping to introduce himself and ‘break the ice’.  But instead of ‘breaking the ice’…she nearly breaks his neck!

“I don’t like neighbors because they always seem to come over here and bother me!”, she tells him while turning his entire head bright red from her powerful straight scissors from behind!

After a few minutes of excruciating scissors wearing her tight, white mini-skirt…Abby decides to get comfortable and strips down to a sexy red thong bikini and continues the beating!

Watch as she latches on some truly BRUTAL across-the-throat scissors and reverse head scissors that have him on the edge of going nighty-night over and over again as she sarcastically asks him…”You giving up!?”.

In the end she warns him…”If you don’t want to experience my full power you’d get out of my neighborhood!”.

But after literally moving in the day before and even after enduring a vicious beating from Abby’s long, powerful thighs…he still refuses to pack his truck and move elsewhere.

And that leaves Abby only one choice…FULL POWER REVERSE HEADSCISSORS that has him tapping out and begging for mercy right before finally falling prey to Abby’s ‘neighborly’ thighs!

So check out tall, blonde beauty, Abby, in her debut ScissorVixen video titled ‘Welcome To MY Neighborhood!’.

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