SVDL-0210 ‘Barfly Bashing!’ featuring Gabrielle Nicander

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He didn’t believe his friend’s story about how I kicked his ass at the bar so I came over and kicked his as well!

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In “Barfly Bashing,” Kan limps into Drew’s apartment, bitching about a big bad blonde he tried to bed the night before after picking her up at the bar.

Seems she kicked his ass at wrestling, using her wickedly strong legs!

Drew doesn’t buy it and tells Kan to have the big babe over, so she shows up, towering above the little feller in her huge heels, and commences to kicking his sorry ass six ways to scissored Sunday, totally devouring his moaning skull in her tree-trunk thighs and nearly popping his head off with figure fours courtesy of her ripped 16-inch calves!

Gabby Nicander is one of Scissordom’s biggest, baddest babes and her she goes all out to teach Drew a lesson he’ll never forget, at one point just about bodyscissoring him in half in those mammoth thighs!

Fed up with him, she gets Kan back on the scissored scene and latches her beer-keg thighs onto his sore neck, re-injuring every inch of the body she savagely scissored the night before!

Be careful who you pick up in bars, or the neck that gets scissored just might be yours!

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