SVDL-0209 ‘Pro Scissor Workout!’ featuring Jennifer Thomas

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I’ve got a professional wrestling show coming and needed to practice my scissors which is what I’m known for.  So nice of him to “volunteer”!

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Jen Thomas is a pro wrestler and calls the fitness center of her hotel to get a guy up to work out with.

She tells him she’s a pro wrestler and a “scissor specialist,” and needs to work her legs. Warily, he agrees – BIG MISTAKE!

Wearing a pair of ass-hugging booty shorts, sports bra, white socks and sneaks, she tears into him six ways to Sunday, destroying him with all manner of violent pro scissor moves, including a headscissors where she lifts them both off the bed and SLAMS his face repeatedly to the mattress!

She unleashes her savage scissoring ring moves over and over, including one brutal side neckscissors where she squeezes and teases, releasing him only to WHIP him back down into it again and thrusting her short, muscle-packed legs up and down to crush his windpipe flat!

Her reverse facesicssors has him dizzy and screaming for mercy, her rock-hard, muscle-bound ass rippling inches from his anguished face!

And Jen’s verbal skills are outstanding as she taunts him mercilessly about her boulder-shaped calves and how she’s working him over in her head-cracking thighs!

No one delivers a pro scissor workout like Jen Thomas!

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