LVDL-0018 ‘Devastating Thighs – Part 1!’ featuring Goddess Devastation

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My name is Goddess Devastation! You may have seen me CRUSHING skulls on ScissorVixens but now I’m going to drive you CRAZY flexing and posing my thighs for the camera and of course…for you!

Video Length: 10:52 mins. | Video Size : 1920×1080 | File Size:  825 MB



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Goddess Devastation is known for her POWERFUL leg scissor holds but here she shows off her thighs in the most SEXY way possible in two parts.

First while posing in front off a large window with the city of Vegas behind her while wearing a skimpy leopard thong, high heels and topless.

Part two features Goddess Devastation showing off more of her athletic fitness level legs on the bed wearing a pink thong, barefoot and again…topless.

She also does some ‘tease and squeeze’ using a pillow making you wish it was your head instead !

They don’t come any SEXIER than this GORGEOUS southern fitness babe!

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