SVDL-0058 ‘Love My Legs!’ featuring Sybil Starr

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I’ve been working hard to build my powerful thighs and he doesn’t seem to notice.  So, time to give him a closer look!

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Sybil Starr has legs – and she knows how to use ’em!

But her unobservant boyfriend doesn’t notice.

She parades into the room in a teeny-tiny red bikini and shoes and asks if he notices anything different.

He thinks hair, shoes, toe ring, but she’s thinking LEGS!

She says she’s been working out and taking “scissor lessons” down the gym and is annoyed he doesn’t notice the difference, so she gives him an up close and VERY personal lesson in what she’s learned!

Sybil scissors him senseless in a dizzying array of truly punishing scissors!

This girl, with her deceptively diminutive size and girl-next-door cuteness, is easily one of the best there is at applying scissor holds that WILL cut you in half and take your breath away.

She has him screaming in submission over and over and over again, totally dominating him in body and spirit, chatting up how powerful her thighs are, how she loves using her scissor holds, how great it feels to dominate in her legs!

Her bodyscissors bend ribs to the breaking point and her headscissors crush with vice-like intensity.

She finally gets him to notice just how strong and beautiful her legs are – the hard way!

For him it’s hard, for Sybil it’s easy as she teaches him to “Love My LEGS!”

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