SVDL-0057 ‘Room Service With A Squeeze!’ featuring Treasure

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Sometimes a girl has the need to SQUEEEEZE and unfortunately for this room service guy…he’s gonna fill that need whether he likes it or not!

Video Length : 19 mins. | Video Size : 480×360 | File Size: 106MB

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Mistress Treasure, lying around in her hotel room, is bored and in an effort to keep herself entertained…she looks for something to squeeze between her muscular, sexy thighs.

She grabs a pillow and gives it a few pulsating squeezes but damn it!…she needs something more and a pillow just isn’t going to satisfy her need for a scissor fix.

Then she comes up with an idea and decides to call room service to come up and fix the “problem” she is having with her bed.

Of course, little does the unsuspecting room service technician know what Mistress Treasure really has in mind.

Once the room service guy shows up, Mistress Treasure tells him to sit down, with his back towards her, and position himself in the middle of the bed.

She tells him that there is a large dip in the middle and wants it fixed immediately.

Well, the room service guy has no idea what she’s talking about because he tells her he doesn’t notice any dip in the middle of the bed.

Suddenly, as if he said some magic “please scissor me” word, Mistress Treasure grabs him by the head and violently pulls it back between her hungry, powerful thighs.

Once she has his head where she wants it…she quickly closes her thighs and the crushing begins!

Mistress Treasure applies one torturous scissor hold after the other, ignoring the room service technician’s cries for mercy.

Scissor after scissor, she makes him scream in agony and forces him to submit time after time until eventually the mistress finally decides to put the poor room service guy to sleep by telling him, “time to go night, night”!

With that, she administers one final, brutal squeeze that sends the room service guy to dreamland!

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