SVDL-0246 ‘Cry Uncle, Uncle!’ featuring Gretchen

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My Uncle Ritchie thinks he’s my boss…time to make Uncle Ritchie cry UNCLE!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 310 MB

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Gretchen the college hottie is lounging about in lingerie when Uncle Richie comes over, bitching that she does nothing all summer but goof off. Outraged, Gretchen launches into an all-out scissor attack you gotta see to believe, at first slamming him back into the couch and pasting him in a brutally tight front facescissors, her legs over the back of the couch!

This flexible hottie devours her uncle’s head in her meaty, muscular thighs and has him screaming for mercy, and her figure four scissors are out-of-this-world painful, as her tremendous, thick and exceptionally powerful calves nearly rip his skull off! When Gretchen locks on tight and demands that he “Cry uncle, Uncle!” he can’t do anything but! This is one nasty niece!

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