SVDL-0024 ‘Dating Service Nightmare!’ featuring Bethany

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He had no idea what I meant in my dating ad by ‘Wanna Get Rough!?’.  Now he’s finding out just how ROUGH I like it!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 480×360 | File Size: 172MB

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Jake answers an Internet dating service ad, liking the part where the girl says, “Wanna get rough?” Fancying strong girls, he gives her a jingle, drives over to her place and he gets in WAY over his head, or should we say headSCISSORS!

Bethany at first kicks and crushes his sorry ass in a wicked display of scissoring in skin-tight jeans, then says she’s going to change into something a little less restrictive.

And eye-popping, we might add!

She comes back in an apple-red top, teeny-tiny black vinyl short shorts and ass-kicking vinyl knee high boots, binding his hands and just destroying him in a savage variety of head scissors, neck scissors, figure four scissors, body scissors and reverse scissors, her small but VERY lethal legs eating him alive!

Next time you think about getting funny with an internet date, keep this nightmare in mind!

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