SVDL-0137 ‘Scissors Detention!’ featuring Heidi

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Every time I beat someone up, I get stuck in detention with the same asshole teacher.  I think it’s about time to see how he likes my SCISSOR detention!

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Heidi is in detention – again – this time with a nerdy teacher who insists she not talk, not use her cell phone and behave.

She’s here because she “put a freshman girl in my headlocks,” she says, and then blows his rules out of the water, talking on the phone, her gorgeous long legs up on the desk.

He chides her for her actions, so she sashays to his desk, lays across it and then proceeds to show him HER rules – in her LEGS!

She unleashes on bruising scissor after another, using the desk at first to crush him blue while wearing a short denim skirt and then peeling that off, along with her top, and down to a teeny-tiny thong, destroys him on the floor, in the chair, down the hall, you name it.

He is subjected to scissors most brutal, as she shows him who’s in charge, and it’s not the teacher!

He stumbles away and she easily catches him across the classroom to engulf his head and face in her meaty, muscular thighs again and again, finally ending up on a couch where she brutalizes him in more head-cracking, jaw-bending and throat-closing scissors!

He agrees she doesn’t have any more detention, nor will she ever!

You give Heidi detention, you’re the one who’ll be detained – in her THIGHS!

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