SVDL-0136 ‘Time To Check Out!’ featuring Liz Lightspeed

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He came back to the room claiming he had ’till 11:00 AM to check out.  But with the help of my THIGHS, he’ll be checking out right now!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 640×480 | File Size: 268MB

Video Description

Liz is lounging peacefully in her hotel room when belligerent Drew barges in claiming this is his room and he doesn’t have to check out until 11:00 AM!

He sits on the bed next to her about to call the front desk when she decides it’s time for him to check out – her LEGS!

Flying into action with the skill, grace and fluidity of the athlete she is, Liz pummels him in her lean, muscular thighs, blasting them around his skull, throat and ribs with mind-blowing savagery, looking absolutely stunning as she does!

This blonde blue-eyed beauty has the rare combination of model-quality looks with a rugged ability to crush anyone who crosses her!

Her reverse facescissors is exquisite, treating his mashed mug to the site of her incredibly sexy derriere, flexed and hard, in her thong!

Her long thighs are lean and mean, visibly muscular and sinewy, every inch dedicated to squeezing some sense into him and making him agree to find another room of his very own!

Push this gal to check out and you’ll get her “Checkout Scissors” every time!!

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