SVDL-0140 ‘Scissoropathy!’ featuring Jasmine

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I needed help practicing my scissoropathy exercises and he was kind enough to volunteer.  Something tells me he’s going to regret it!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 640×480 | File Size: 268MB

Video Description

Combining her love of scissors and stretching Jasmine seeks a male assistant, or victim, if you prefer, to help with her ‘Scissoropathy’ session so she can squeeeeeeeeeeeze and stretch her way to better health!

Kan comes to help and is soon engulfed in her meaty, powerful thighs as she strips out of her tiny blue skirt down to sinfully sexy boy shorts and takes him in head-swallowing scissor after scissor!

At first she’s kind and nearly gentle about it but the more he resists and complains, the angrier she gets and the HARDER SHE SCISSORS!

Jasmine has a bodacious booty that she uses to perfection in gyrating and jiggling those sweet and oh-so shapely buns in his face as she just about separates his screaming skull from his shoulders!

She totally dominates and destroys him in an endless stream of scissors that has him whimpering in pain!

She finally releases him with the admonition that he better be back the same time tomorrow!

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