SVDL-0179 ‘Christmas Crush!’ featuring Desire

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Church boy came knocking on my door for Christmas donations.  Ok, help about I donate my THIGHS to your head!?

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In “Christmas Crush,” all he wanted was a few bucks for the church he volunteers at down the road, but he made the mistake of knocking on Desire’s door!

She knocked back – with her LEGS, unleashing a non-stop full-out scissoring fury you gotta see to believe!

This gal is tiny – 5-foot-2 – but incredibly strong and agile, her gorgeous little thighs packed with power that is unrelenting!

She’s quick and flexible, a gymnast in her youth who can snap-wrap her thighs around her victim’s head and neck with blinding speed, twisting her nimble, little body around him like a snake!

She LOVES to put the brutal squeeze on in oh so many ways, laying on her back and backward somersaulting up and over, smacking her hard ass into his face for a nasty flying reverse facescissors!

This girl knows ALL the moves, so if you knock on her door this holiday season, beware of her Christmas Crush!

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