SVDL-1426 ‘Tis the Season To SCISSOR!’ featuring Greasy Rose

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My nosy neighbor has a problem with my bright holiday lights shining through his windows.  Well… time to show him a little holiday cheer.  ‘Tis the Season To Be SCISSORED!

HD Video Length : 18 mins. | Video Size : 1920×1080 | File Size: 1.3 GB

Screen Captures Included In Zip File: 65

Video Description

Tall, Leggy Greasy Rose returns to ScissorVixens and is ready to show her nosy neighbor what holiday ‘cheer’ is all about!

It’s only Thanksgiving and Greasy Rose has already decorated her house with bright Christmas lights and likes to leave them on until 2 AM in the morning.

Well, for her neighbor …this is a bit too early in the season and too annoying since her lights are shining through his bedroom window.

So, he pays her a visit to complain and that’s when Greasy Rose really gives him something to complain about by wrapping her long, lean and oh so POWERFUL thighs around his neck!

‘Tis the Season To be SCISSORED’ she tells him while clamping on an eye-popping reverse head scissor!

Then it’s more holiday season scissors as she pulls him into a front head scissors, pulsating her squeeze while watching him struggle to escape!

But there’s no escape from Greasy Rose’s boa-constrictor thighs as she takes the pressure to a whole new level!

Watch as her bodyscissors nearly cut him in half as she doesn’t even seem to be trying while keeping him wrapped up with no chance of breaking her grip!

On and on it goes until Greasy Rose has finally had her fun and finally pulls him into a standing reverse head scissor off of the edge of the bed to give him one final holiday SQUEEZE!

So check out Greasy Rose in her latest ScissorVixens video titled ‘Tis the Season To Be SCISSORED!’.

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