SVDL-1425 ‘CRUSHED by Kendall!’ featuring Kendall Knight

In Full High Definition

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Drew learned a few years ago that my CRUSHERS are not to be messed with and now it’s time to teach both him and his friend that they’ve only gotten BIGGER and STRONGER!

HD Video Length : 14 mins. | Video Size : 1920×1080 | File Size: 1.0 GB

Screen Captures Included In Zip File: 73

Video Description

She’s back and this time, Kendall Knight is ready to show both Drew and his friend what her powerlifting CRUSHERS can do!

Kendall loves to show off and a few weeks before this shoot, she kept sending Drew photos of her CRUSHING IT in the gym with very impressive deadlifts!

When I sent the other victim in the video the pics, as usual, he tried to be cocky and just brush it off texting me… “Shit, those deadlifts aren’t going to help her in the video!”.

Naturally, I was more than happy to forward his smartass text reply to Kendall, who really doesn’t need a motive to FUCK YOU UP, but he added an extra incentive for her to take it up another notch or two which she most definitely does!

It doesn’t take long for him to find out what I had already warned him about (from our previous shoot a few years ago)…Kendall’s CRUSHERS are the REAL DEAL!

For those who enjoy watching a true TAP-FEST…that’s exactly what we have (both Drew and his other victim) as Kendall’s THIGHS are way too much for them to take!

Eye-popping front head scissors, neck-snapping side scissors, scissors from behind, figure-4’s and of course …amazing to watch but as equally BRUTAL …Kendall’s reverse head scissors!

As I stood behind the camera for most of this video (knowing my turn would soon be up) and while watching my victim almost immediately tap-out in a very FRANTIC way, I was dreading the thought that soon it would be ROUND 2 for me and Kendall’s CRUSHERS!

Well, that time arrived much too soon and there I was being absolutely SCISSOR-MAULED on the bed while Kendall Knight just smiled, smirked and laughed at my PAINFUL DEMISE!

The plan was for me to finish the video but I decided my first victim deserved to ‘close the curtains’ for his trash-texts and Kendall was more than happy to shut him for good!

So check out Kendall Knight’s latest ScissorVixens video as she makes Drew, and his victim, beg for mercy over and over again in ‘CRUSHED by Kendall!’.



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