SVDL-0011 ‘Little Sister’s Scissors!’ featuring Stormee Knights

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My big brother doesn’t think I have what it takes to wrestle with the boys.  My THIGHS will convince him otherwise!

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In this scissoring classic Stormee Knights plays Mary, a comely school girl in very sexy schoolgirl attire, who is hot to join her school’s wrestling team.

She tells big brother Jake, himself a former wrestler, who mocks her dreams, demeans her attempts and says boys will destroy her since men have far greater upper body strength.

But Mary points to her big, beautiful and very powerful thighs, telling him that’s where HER strength lies and then proves it as she goes nuts on him in a demonstration of her incredible – and convincing – scissor power!

Her thighs bulge widely as she devours his skull in head-cracking scissors and they nearly slice him in half when she laces on her crushing bodyscissors, looking insanely sexy the whole time as she is still in her schoolgirl outfit!

After this total scissors annihilation, she calls Jake’s wrestling coach who comes over to put her in her place but she puts him in his – with those tireless, scissoring legs!

She destroys the middle-aged coach in scissor after scissor, and takes him in a final reverse headscissors that knocks him out – for REAL!

Watch the ending as the coach snorts and convulses on the floor after a mere five seconds in her full-out scissor squeeze!

The ending is not for the squeamish but IS for those who love seeing the real-deal of scissoring knockouts!

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