SVDL-0447 ‘Collection Agent Crush! featuring Vega Valentine

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When time’s are tough and people don’t pay…they send me, and my 27″ QUADS, to collect what is owed to the bank!  

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 353 MB

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Tough economic times calls for tough solutions as one homeowner soon finds out after several months of failing to make is mortgage payments!  So his bank sends their their collection agent specialist, a 5’1″, 150 lb. muscle babe with 27-inch skull crushing thighs, to deal with the matter by crushing him into oblivion!

On and on it goes as she moves from one murderous scissor hold to the next pumping and grinding her granite-like thighs into the sides of his neck and skull!  In the end she forces him to agree to have her money ready for when she comes back tomorrow to collect it and threatens to do it all over again if he fails to pay up!

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