SVDL-0397 ‘Julie’s Savage Scissors!’ featuring Julie Squeeze

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One of our most devastating ScissorVixens in one of our most devastating video series!  Pity this victim trying to survive ‘Julie’s Savage Scissors!’.

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 388 MB

Pictures Included In Zip File: 53

Video Description

The more we produce our ‘ScissorVixens Savage Scissors Submission’ series videos the more apparent it becomes just how much of a ‘glutton for punishment’ we are! Welcome to another in our popular savage scissors submission series…Julie Squeeze style! What I love about Julie Squeeze is the way she quietly and confidently goes about her business. You very seldom see much expression on her face, except for the occasional smirk of satisfaction, as she destroys her victims.

She reminds me of Daryl Hanna’s character (Pris) as a sexy replicant from the 1982 Sci-Fi cult classic, Blade Runner, in which Daryl Hannah nearly severs Harrison Ford’s head off in an acrobatic flying head scissors. Although there weren’t any acrobatic flips in this video there were PLENTY OF SCISSORS that had our poor victim asking for a break several times throughout the video wondering if he was going to be able to make it to the end. Some of the submissions come fast and furious, in rapid fire fashion, while others take longer depending on whether or not Justine wanted to put him away quickly or savor the moment by slowly torturing him between her thighs. We’ve worked with Julie Squeeze on a few occasions and I can tell you from being squeezed by her each time…she seems to keep getting bigger, better and more brutal than the last! Watch Julie Squeeze deliver the ‘savage scissor’ goods in her latest video….”Julie’s Savage Scissors!”

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