SVDL-0191 ‘The Scissor Test!’ featuring Dallas!

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He wanted another date but I told him, not before he passed my SCISSOR TEST.  I Doubt we will be going on another date!

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In “The Scissor Test,” Shannon and Kan are on a first date, and he asks her out again, to which she agrees with one caveat: He must pass her “Scissor Test!” Seems Shannon likes to scissor men, and if they can take it, they get a second date.

It doesn’t take very long at all, courtesy of some of the most head-splitting, rib-cracking, face-smothering scissors in Shannon’s legendary thighs and calves, before he realizes he has NOT got what it takes and begs to be released!

She’s confident he can pass the test if he just puts his mind to it but after 30 minutes of her putting her tremendously thick and well-muscled thighs to his head, reducing him to a whiny, whimpering mass of destroyed man, he can’t WAIT to run away!

Shannon then sadly looks into the camera and wonders, “Can’t ANY man pass my scissor test?” Can you?

Doubtful, but it is sooooooooooo painfully fun to try!

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